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There is no british campaign on Call of duty world at war sorry to disappoint you dude. There are two campaigns: The American campaign You play as Pvt.Miller and Petty officer Locke you are part of the US Marines and the latter character is part of the US airforce. fighting in the pacific you fight in Makin island,Peleliu island,Over the pacific in a plane and finally Shumi castle in Okinawa The members of your squad are Sgt.Sullivan,Cpl.Roebuck and Pvt.Polonsky.

The russian campaign You play as Pvt.Dimitri Petrenko. you are part of the 3rd Shock army. you fight in europe. the fighting takes place at Stalingrad in russia ,Seelow heights in germany,Pankow in poland and finally at the heart of Berlin itself.your boss who is also dimitri's best friend is called Sgt.Reznov (I'm not sure what his firstname is but I think it's "Viktor".) other members of your squad are Pvt.Chernov and Commisar Markov who is Reznov's boss.

Call of duty:World at war Rawks 6 stars 10/10 I would buy it. Enjoy

There is a british campaign in the DS version though.

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