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Everyone on Wikianswers can ask and answer questions, rephrase questions, or flag questions for deletion. Some users have been given additional rights to combat vandalism and spam. They are the wiki's Administrators.

What tools do administrators have?

Administrators (or sysops) have the ability to:

  • Block users
  • Delete pages
  • Protect pages, either from edits by new users, or from all non-sysop edits
  • Move pages without leaving a redirect
  • Revert multiple edits by one user back to the previous version
  • Edit MediaWiki pages
  • Grant and revoke chatmoderator rights
  • And much, much more...

In addition, bureaucrats have the ability to grant rollback, administrator or bureaucrat rights, and revoke rollback and administrator rights.

Who are we?

Currently there are eighteen administrators, eight of whom have bureaucrat rights. To contact one, leave a message on their talk page.

Administrators are denoted with a green highlight and bureaucrats with cyan

Active Bureaucrats

Semi-Active Bureaucrats

Inactive Bureaucrats

Active Administrators

Semi-Active Administrators

Inactive Administrators

If this list is not up to date, see this page.

How do I become a Sysop?

It's quite simple. If you feel to be a good candidate, you can post on the Help desk and the community will decide if you're suitable.

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