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During the events of Call of Duty World at War, the zombies were created at Der Riese, and the element 115 began to spread. In Nacht Der Untoten, there is no exact story.The story for Verruckt is that the Asylum had some information, and a man called peter was also there. Dempsey and three other marines went into find Peter. By the time they got there,Peter is no where to be found, and Dempsey was missing as well. In Shi No NUma, a scientist called Ludwig Maxis stole plans, and created the Wunderwaffe DG-2. In der Riese, there was the creation of the hellhounds, and were created by using a female dog named Fluffy, who at times was pregnant. They wanted to test the effects of the Teleporter,and an assistant called Edward was working with them. Then a little girl enters the room and they have a conversation,then Edward betrays Maxis by locking the door, and "Fluffy" returns from the teleporter as a hellhound. The original players then teleporter when they were in a last stand situation. This lead to Kino Der Toten, where the zombies had destroyed the theater. When Richtofen acquires the Thundergun, he will say: So this is what Maxis has been hiding from me. Or he will say: Is this the DG-3? They then escaped to Ascension, where a man called Yuri went mad from Element 115, and activated a Gersch Device and threw it at Gersch. Gersch himself was sucked in, and then the 115 effects wear off, and he starts going: OMG, what have I done?"That is why he asks the players to complete the Kassimir Mechanism.

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