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yepYes, during a fire sale if you all are lucky enough. Otherwise, it is impossible to get 4 ray guns. It HAS to be during the fire sale.YesIf two poeple can then yes.Note this is unlikley because every time someone gets a raygun the chances of getting it are slimmer.Like the time me and my Brother got two Me at Rnd 5 and Him at Rnd 15.So its prbably Plausible.Yes.Three can, as only 3 can be obtained per game. Unless you have Fire-Sale. Then you can have 4 Yes on world at war you can

on black ops there are 2 rays guns in the box, but when fire sale is on there are two more in the box, so there can be four players with ray guns, but fire sale is required most of the time&nbsp Yes, All four can have regular and upgraded ray guns. It takes up a lot of points and time (and more than a few teddy bears).

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