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What you need to do is look at the challenges and try as best you can to accomplish them. This is what i did and it worked wonders, but sometimes you just got to relax and have fun and let them come to you. The thing to do as well is Camp. I know it is frowned upon and people say it is "NOOBISH", but who cares what people say? Just do your own thing and Camp it up, it is the smartest thing to do. Do you see a real life soldier running around like a crazed chicken with its head cut off? The answer is no b/c it is an easy way to get you and your squad killed. If you lack skill move around not alone but with atleast one other player which is experienced and they will be able to stabely have your back. If you need help leveling up add my on XBL my gamertag is Era of Anarchy.

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