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noNoI hope so.not as a modern warfare. rumor floating around it may be an alternate form of bo2, but its unlikelyprobaly not, the series has been to over used, wait for blackops 2 firstUnfortunately, no.may be. because capt. soap mactavish is dead and yuri too. only john price is left.patience!the game will come out one dayNo the storyline is over, end ofno there is not sense soap is dead and makorave is dead and who knows what price is doingI hope not mw3 sucked assI hope not.No that's why soap,yuri, etc died so there wouldn't be a sequel.And Makorov the main protagnist dies remember?Mw storyline is over, so no.It's not MW4, it's BOII.

Infinity Ward will develop a new Call of Duty game next year.

Likely not, since the storyline is over, but you never know.

Theres no way there will be mw4 it would be terrible.

Dude, right now we are anticipating Black Ops II, and that game comes out in 6 months, its WAY to early to be thinking about MW4 or in the case that infinity ward goes back to WWII, Call of Duty WW2 4

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