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Juggernog: Considered the most important Perk to obtain. Roughly doubles your health allows you to take four hits from zombies, and six from dogs and gas crawlers.

Speed Cola: Another useful Perk. Provides players to reload their guns 2x faster speed.

Quick Revive: Not as useful as others in WaW, but helpful in Solo on Black Ops. In Waw, it only revives players faster than normal, but on solo on Black Ops, the Perk is avaliable before the power is turned on, and can instantly revive a player when downed.

Double-Tap Rootbeer: It increases rate of fire, but you run out of ammo quicker, making it very valuble in some, but not all situations.

Stamin-Up: Once drank, the player can run longer and faster than before, even with heavy guns.

PhD Flopper: When players drink it, they're dolphin dives become atomic, exploding up to eight zombies surronding them. Also eliminates fall and splash damage.

Deadshot Daiquri: Auto aim to the head, no recoil and no sniper rifle sway.

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