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he survived

It is believed that he survived the war, due to him not being present at the Diamond Mines. It is unknown why he wasn't present, but it did save his life, provided he did not die earlier. Truth is, we never see him die, his death isn't mentioned, and he seemingly just "disappears" prior to the mission, with no explanation given, so he could have been KIA, but not during the missions in-game. 11:46, November 21, 2011 (UTC)

Apperently Frost didn't want to go to the Diamond Mine because he knew that Price was number 2 on CIA's most wanted (number 1 is Makaov) and you know what happens when you help a wanted man so Sandman, Grinch and Truck would have been put on the list if they did survive thats what happens in real life. Good thing Frost didn't go or he could of perished along with his team or become wanted along with Price.

To the person above Frost would not have become wanted as President Vorchevsky cleared the names of the Taskforce 141 operatives and their helpers (Delta Team) as a thank you for saving him and his daughter (Alena). This is shown in the last mission were instead of saying Taskforce 141 (Disavowed) it just says Taskforce 141.

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