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Dr.Ludvig Maxis was a German scientist who worked at Der Riese and created group 935. Samantha Maxis was his young daughter. Ludvig experimented with element 115 at Der Riese with Dr.Edward Richtofen. Ludvig used Fluffy, Samantha`s dog who was going to have puppies, in an experiment with a teleporter. This transformed Fluffy into the first Hellhound. Samantha came in the room asking her father what happened to Fluffy, and Richtofen locked them in the room and trapped them in the teleporter with Fluffy. Ludvig was assumed killed because of Fluffy and the effects of teleporting. Samantha however, was experimented on by Edward, possibly with 115, so she surived the teleporter. Samantha is now some sort of immortal being who controls the Hellhounds and possibly the zombies. She is trying to kill Edward to avenge to death of her dad. Sam`s laugh is the little girl`s laugh you hear in the Mystery Box. The evil sounding laugh is Sam`s demonic side which wants to kill Edward. The Fly Trap also is controlled by Sam, because she is a little girl, she views everything she is doing as a game.

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