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SPOILER ALERT! - Sergeant Paul Jackson was a soldier with the U.S. Marine Force Recon who served in the conflict with Khaled Al-Asad's unspecified Middle Eastern country in Call of Duty 4. His platoon, lead by Lt. Vasquez, was one of the first on the ground, setting up roadblocks and searching buildings for the warlord. Upon not locating Al-Asad, the platoon and other Marine forces advanced and engaged the Opposition Force (OpFor) on their territory and captured an enemy-controlled television station. Later that night, Jackson's platoon assisted in rescuing a bogged down M1A2 Abrams tank from surrounding enemy forces. Near the end of the operation, Nuclear Emergency Support Teams (NEST) located a Russian nuclear warhead in the capital city, which Marines were advancing on from the ground and air. When a friendly AH-1 Super Cobra gunship was shot down by a surface-to-air missile, the platoon set down in enemy territory and rescued the pilot but did not make it out in time; the nuclear warhead detonated as they attempted to escape in a CH-46 Sea Knight helicopter, killing Jackson and over 30,000 Marines as well as decimating the capital city.

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