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In the 1950s Soviet scientist Dr. Gersch salvaged the DG work of Group 935 from an abandoned facility in Siberia, Russia, and became intrigued with Element 115. Gersch worked at the Ascension facility and was plotting new technologies for the Soviets to help win the war against America, similar to Maxis. He began testing with 115 and used blueprints for a brand-new Wonder Weapon (made by Maxis) to invent the Thundergun, under the codename Project Thunder. He also modelled an MDT Teleporter system after the ones in Der Riese and Kino Der Toten, inspired by the Nazi's work. He called it the Kassimir Mechanism, which was the main power source that all "Gersch Devices", or portable teleporters, connected to. He also codenamed this "Project Mercury." But Gersch began to learn of the dangers of 115, and locked away all the supply into storage. When his assistant, Yuri Kravcheski, was transferred to the mission involving sending primates to the moon, he discovered a box containing a few of Samantha Maxis' items; a Matryoshka Doll, a teddy bear and a diary which told all about Element 115. Kravcheshki began to test with the doll, and soon made the next Wonder Weapon: the Matryoshka Doll, or cluster bombs. But the more he tested, the more his brain became exposed to mind control, and soon Samantha had possessed him, and forced him to suck Gersch into her alternative universe through the Kassimir Mechanism. She then let the zombies free on Ascension, and Gersch remained trapped with her and her father, Maxis. When the four heroes arrived at Ascension, Gersch convinced them to help him, and finally freed him and Samantha by fixing the Kassimir Mechanism.

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