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It wasn't Hudson, if that was your first thought, because Hudson was captured by Menendez which is why he said about the prisoner exchange and told Woods to shoot "Menendez" (actually Mason who also somehow got captured and his head was covered). It was actually Salazar from 2025, but he's actually Navy SEAL/J-SOC. wouldn't that be imposible since Salazar was only a child during the 80's possibly not even born let alone a 20 year old CIA agent meaning he would have to be at least 60 in 2025 which he only looks 20/30?

His mole in the CIA could've been General Noriega. Noriega was a CIA agent since the late 70's. 

^ Actually Noriega wasn't an agent in the CIA, you have to be an American citizen. However, he did work with the CIA in the 70's and 80's. So he probably did have intel on the CIA. But you're right, it was most likely Noriega

^ It still could have been Hudson because after he had fufilled (most of) his usefulness to Menendez, Menendez could have captured him so he could A) trick Woods into killing/wounding Mason and B) Hudson can't tell anyone anything about Menendez and his actions if he's dead can he? I think  that's also PART of the reason that in 2025 Woods says 'I shoulda smoked him in 'nam', an it can't have been Salazar because he was a nicaraguan and like someone said he would have been around 5 years old and had  nothing to do with the CIA let alone be able to pass on highly sensitive information, so it's either someone we don't know about or Hudson I'm afraid :/

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